Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Winter Bucket List

Hi friends!

Okay so I know you all may be side-eyeing me looking at this thinking, what a kook Christmas is over, what is she doing creating a winter list. Don't forget that I make my bucket list for the actual dates, so I'm not too far behind (JK now I am... like way behind)! I have to admit my Autumn BL was a bit of a fail for me. Although I did do some fun fall things, I did not document it nor did I do much of anything on my actual BL.

Winter Bucket List

- Go Ice Skating

- Successfully pull off my dad's surprise party
- Road trip to Austin
- Road trip to San Marcos
- Road trip to College Station
- Decorate for Christmas
- Decorate for Valentine's Day
- Read 3 books
- Meet 2 new friends
- Get a wool baseball cap
- Keep up with my classes
- See a ballet
- Celebrate Galentine's day (Parks and Rec anyone?)
- Keep writing my book 
- Do something really spontaneous (we'll see how this one pans out)
- Keep up with my New Year goals
- 5 random acts of kindness
- Photograph more
- Blog more in "real time" (aka don't procrastinate like I did on this post)
- Cut three TV shows I watch out of my life 
- Make my Gram's Christmas Cookies

Maybe if I keep it shorter this time I will actually be able to accomplish some of these this time around... wishful thinking. 

Is there anything you all have planned for this winter? Share it with me on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #WinterBL

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