Sunday, December 28, 2014

The Big 5-Oh!

Hello, hello! I'm back and better than ever (hopefully)!

I haven't blogged in weeks so it feels really good to be back! I actually meant to post this a few days ago but it was Christmas time and well...Christmas. I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas and had time to relax and spend time with their family. And I've got a lot to share! I'm going to start with my dad's birthday and then backtrack a little to Thanksgiving in the coming post. 

This past Friday was my dad's 50th birthday! Fifty, y'all. Can you believe it? I have been so excited to celebrate this with him for some time now and it's finally happened! My mom had been planning a surprise party for a few months now and she finally let my sister and me in on the secret. The day of the party was so crazy. We were all running back and forth between the restaurant and home and different stores trying to get all the decorations put up, all the while hiding it from my dad.

Dylan and I went to Party City to pick up 36 latex balloons plus two big numbers...we didn't consider the fact that she drives a small car and really, who knew balloons could take up so much space. We miraculously fit all 36 balloons and the two giant numbers in the car with us...I wish that we had taken a picture. Every part of the car was stuffed. We had balloons stuck between us to the point that we couldn't see each other the whole ride over to the restaurant. I thought for sure if a cop saw us they would pull us over and ticket us for driving while obstructing view. 

We knew that we had to come up with a fake plan to distract him because it's such a big birthday that it would be more obvious if we didn't have one. So we came up with a plan and told him we would be having a progressive dinner (meaning we would be going to a different restaurant for each course) we made a skit to perform and everything and although he loved the skit and found it hilarious, you could tell on his face that he was just not feeling it. We tried to get him hyped up but he kept rolling his eyes at us and eventually fell asleep...yes asleep. 

Finally, we got him up and headed to our first (and only, which he didn't know) destination. When we walked into the restaurant they sat him facing the wall and the live band asked if there was any birthdays in the building. There were a few parties that would point to someone at their table or hoot and holler but we could tell by my dad's face and his slouching over that he didn't want us to say his name. The band then announced that they were going to pick a random name off the top of their heads and sing it to that person. At the time, we actually had no idea what was going on, but my aunt had set it up that they would sing Happy Birthday dear Greg (which is my dad's name). So long story long, they sang to him and when it go to the name part the waiters pulled back the curtains and revealed the surprise guests. It was such a neat idea and I wish we had it on tape. 

The party was such a success. The food was delicious, the atmosphere was pumping, and the guest were so sweet. The best part was just seeing the look on my dad's face when he saw all the people who loved and cared about him in one room. 

It was all a smashing success until I smashed my fingers...went to the bathroom and on the way out my fingers got caught in the hinge of the door. The door was so heavy it literally slammed shut with my fingers in the hinges and it took me forever (probably 1 minute but literally so long) to finally get the door open. I'm telling you, I thought my fingers were broken. That happened last Friday night and it still hurts... like so bad. 

All in all it was a great night celebrating my dad and his fifty years of life. Even though he's freaked that he's fifty; growing old is a privilege denied to many, and I am so grateful that you have been given that privilege. 

I apologize in advance for the blurry photos...we were having too much fun dancing the night away (not really). 

Performing our skit...the premise was traveling around the U.S. 
to different cities, with my brother as the flight attendant. 

My parents, their college roommates, and my dad's sister.

Greggy's reaction to the gift my Aunt and Uncle gave him, a longhorn (something that is on his bucket list) and they named her Muffy (my Grams' nickname).

I am so grateful to have you as my father. You are an inspiration to so many and someone I greatly admire. Thank you for encouraging me in everything I do, sacrificing to give me a better life, supporting me no matter what, and never ever giving up on me. I am so blessed to have a dad who truly loves me unconditionally. We are all so proud of you and I can't wait to see what your next fifty years have in store for you. I love you!


Kendall Rose


  1. Love your posts, Kendall. Happy New Year to the Radenbaughs!

    1. Thank you so much for reading! Happy New Year!