Thursday, November 20, 2014

Scare on the Square || Three Weeks Late

Hello sweet friends! 

I hope everyone has had a wonderful week-- it is thursday y'all! Only one more day until the weekend! I was totally meaning to write this post forever ago because Halloween only happened three weeks ago but better late then never I suppose. 

Blazer | Similar Blouse | Leggings | Similar  Shoes | Necklace |

First off I have to say I found this shirt weeks ago and just knew that it was the perfect shirt for Halloween. I was so excited to wear it, I have to admit I wore it a few times before Halloween actually came around but I was just as eager to wear it Hallow's eve. Of course these leather leggings are the best (as I've shared in my November Favorites). I seriously wear them all the time and they just never get old. And it just so happened that I had some orange flats to top the outfit off and make it extra festive. 

My hometown is the cutest town ever and they had a festival called Scare on the Square. So my sister, mom, and I decided to go downtown to watch watch some dance performances, enjoy each other's company, and I finally got to see my sweet friend, Kendi from Kendi Everyday, and her new store West & Lou. Which by the way if you have never heard of her or seen her website you should totally go look now. 

This was the first halloween that none of us kids went trick-or-treating and the first when my Aunt, Uncle, and Cousins didn't come down to spend it with us. It was different to say the least. I have to say in a way it is really depressing getting older because everything changes so quickly. But nonetheless we had fun eating our Whataburger, passing out candy (to the 4 trick-or-treaters that came by), and looking through our silly costumes over the years. 


Kendall Rose

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


School has got me twisted y'all. I have had no time to do anything, let alone blog. And that my friends makes me so sad. I figured it was time to catch you all up to speed on my life.
Like I said I have been dealing with school, school, and more school. Oh and work. The only thing getting me through life is the feeling of Christmas spirit in the air. I know, I know it hasn't been Thanksgiving yet but I don't care. Christmas rocks.

I started my Christmas shopping last week and it was equal parts wonderful and stressful. I love Christmas oh so much and giving gifts is such fun but it is also tough picking out other people's presents because it needs to be just right.

It snowed this week. Yes, you read that right, snow. Usually Texas doesn't start to get cold until January and snow (if any) comes around March... not this year. It hasn't even been Thanksgiving and it has snowed. This winter is going to be rough.

I cut my hair off. I keep wanting to tell people 8 inches but that is completely made up. Though it does seem like a ton was cut off, I'm not quite sure it was that much. So far I have liked it overall, though since I got it cut I have been so busy I don't think I've even fixed it since it's been done so that's that.

My precious little gets initiated this week. After a long semester of enduring 3 1/2 hour weekly meetings and attending events ect... she will finally be an official member of Sigma Phi Lambda as of this Friday. I am so excited for her this is such a fun time and I know she is going to love being an active.

I started 90210 (the newer version) on netflix awhile ago. Best decision and worst mistake of my life. It is such a good show, so drama filled, so addicting, and so time consuming. I have such a love/hate relationship with Netflix. Sometimes I wish it didn't exist because it takes up so much of my time but then I don't know how I'd get through some days without it. Especially Navid because he is beautiful. Swoon. 

My cousin came to visit me not too long ago and I have been meaning to write a blog about our super fun weekend but school has got me swamped and I hate it because of that. So more to come about this exciting weekend soon!

I started writing a novel/book (not really sure what to call it) It has been fun so far but I haven't been able to get much done. Also it's surreal to me that I'm even doing it because I'm like one page in and I am already so nervous about the outcome. Does anyone else get like that?

I have just been busy with school and work and life (like everyone else) just trying to make it by and figure out this "real world/adult world" stuff. It's hard and I don't know how everyone else does it. All I know is that I am tired and I just want to take a bath.

Also I will be guest blogging over at Tawni's blog on the 19th (aka today!!) if you all want to be a dear and check it out click here!


Kendall Rose

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

November Favorites

November Favorites

One// Pumpkin everything is my life right now. Pumpkin desserts, candles, seeds, and now add soap to the list. There is really nothing to say other than it's fall and pumpkin rocks my world. 

Two// These earrings are too die for (the ones I have a gray instead of brown, but either way they are fabulous). My mom, sister, and I got these earrings in San Marcos which we now refer to as "the weekend earrings". I wear these beauties all the time and they are now a staple. Long story short, these earrings are everything. And so is Kate Spade. 

Three// I bought this oversized blazer in black a few weeks ago and I have not taken it off since. I throw this thing on almost everyday and it is amazing. I know, I know I keep saying this is everything but really, this is everything. 

Four// This wreath, oh this wreath. It is so gorgeous and has such a natural feel that is great for fall and Christmas time! I have been swooning over this wreath from afar, secretly wishing for some kind person to buy it for me. 

Five// Leather is so in right now and this is the perfect way to sport the trend without breaking the bank or investing in a piece of clothing that will go out of season quicker than you can believe. Once again, these leather leggings have become an essential piece of my wardrobe. They just may be my favorite. 

Six// The holidays are upon us and I have already begun to prepare. I have started to write down gift ideas for everyone and doing all I can to be ahead of the game and prevent any last minute shopping. But I'm sure my preventative steps will not yield the result I am hoping for (insert stressed face here). I am obsessed with stationery and wrapping paper is really just oversized stationary, right? Okay no, but regardless, I'm obsessed.