Friday, September 5, 2014

The Storm Before The Calm

Hello all! I hope everyone has been having a great week! I can't believe it is already September... September has turned me into a busy bee (who has had no time to blog whatsoever and it sucks).

I knew I wanted to have a party/get-together in the beginning of the semester because it's fun and a part of my summer bucket list.* I have been planning this party for awhile now and to be honest it has been a complete disaster. I came up with the theme of "London Calling" pretty quickly. Once my obsession ensued from Ladies of London I just couldn't stop. 

So the story begins. Within a day I had invitations made and sent. Rookie mistake? I think so because when I put the invitations in the mail I realized that I would be out of town that weekend. I was in such an uncomfortable position because it was too late to get my invites back, my friends had not even received the invitations yet and I had already changed the date, but I didn't want to ruin the surprise and tell them about the change just yet. 

One of my dear friends sent me a picture of her envelope and it was empty... (jokingly asking if she was still invited to the party) aka I forgot to send her an invitation. Talk about embarrassing. So I had to assure her that she was invited and that the date had changed. Soon after, I realized the date I changed the party to was my college's first home football game of the season... and you guessed it the party was scheduled at the exact same time. 

While all this was happening the semester started and I started a new job. Well, running off of 5 hours of sleep and juggling all of the above I forgot about the party. Also meaning I forgot to order the decorations and make a menu and reschedule the party... again. 

With my hands covering my eyes I texted my friends, once again, to reschedule. And then the stress followed. Now that this party was really happening I knew I had to kick it up a notch. Today is Friday, the party is Sunday, and I rescheduled it Wednesday, so I had three days to get everything together. Thursday I had school and work and couldn't do anything so all last night and all today I have been working nonstop to get the party together. Because it was too late to order any of the decorations, I have attempted to make them. Every thing so far has turned out kind of failureish but there's nothing I can do at this point and with this luck nothing is going to change. 

This whole post is pretty much just me complaining and rambling on about a party... talk about first world problems. But I just wanted to say as (hopefully) cool/pretty as my pictures of the party come out, don't be fooled. The no-care-in-the-world smile is not my everyday life and tiny elves did not come and throw this all together. I did. And I didn't so much "throw it all together", more like struggled to even finish at all. Complaining over and out. 


Kendall Rose

*FYI I'm going by the "official" seasons so I will have my fall bucket list out soon

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