Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Hundred Event >>> Part Two

Read about The Hundred Event part one here.

Wow. Where do I even begin. Day two was more than I could ever imagine. 

We started off the day with breakfast at Breadwinners, a place I have been dying to try (and trust me it's worth dying for). There was Eggs Benedict and a terrace so I was pretty much in heaven. For the first session we all stayed together to listen to the fabulous Curt Steinhort and his take on time management. Listening to Curt should be a requirement of life. I promise you everyone in that room, blogger or not, gained some great insight on being productive. 

We split up into our up close and personal sessions. Because I went with my mom we decided to divide and conquer to soak up as much information as possible. I attended a blogger session taught by Stacy . I'm telling you, I wanted to be her best friend by the end of it. Stacy is so outgoing and has a real go-getter attitude. She is a big believer in taking risks and being spontaneous. And for that I admire her. I learned about all things blogging. She had some great advice on expanding your audience and I learned some great technical tips along the way. 

I attended a session on how to keep your voice and being unique on the internet. I think sometimes it is hard to remember who you are and what your purpose is when there are so many great bloggers to compare yourself to. It is very easy to get caught up in what others are doing and can often find yourself trying to keep up with the joneses. There was a panel of people including CaseyWiegand, from The Wiegands, Beth Dotolo and Carolina Gentry from Pulp Design Studios and many more, who shared each of their missions and how they stay dedicated to being themselves. 

For lunch  we trekked to Cane Russo to indulge ourselves in pizza. It had such a cool hipster atmosphere and of course the pizza was amazing, but uh can we talk about the s'mores calzone? Literally. To. Die. For. As we ate, Twine talked to us about getting involved in their business. 

That afternoon I took two more awesome sessions; photography and photo styling.

Jenni (the photographer) was seriously so knowledgeable and gave some great tips that I will be putting into place real soon. I have to read all about my camera (at her request) so I'll need to put aside some time to give my camera some much needed TLC. 

In the photo styling session I met Casey Wiegand (I had her in a class earlier when she was on the panel but this time I had one on one time with her) She is literally the sweetest person in the whole wide world. I'm sure you've heard it before, but if not I'll say it again because it is so true. She is so nice guys. It was so awesome to get to talk to someone so genuine about something they are so passionate about. I was lucky (and brave) enough to talk to her about some of her personal life experiences and how she incorporates them into her blog. She gave me the courage to open up and share more about myself, which I'll be doing very soon.

We ended the night with at Peacock Alley with food trucks and popsicles. Have I mentioned how great the food was? Seriously, the hosts did a great job finding all these incredible places to eat. And how they managed to have them all included in the initial cost will forever be a mystery to me (seriously, do you guys know Beyoncé or something??). 

I ate a brisket grilled cheese, which if you know me you know I was literally in heaven, and I even had a coffee popsicle for dessert. Like I said heaven. By the end of the night, I was dragging my feet and could barely keep my eyes open. I was exhausted. But being tired from an overload of blog knowledge is worth it to me.

Reminiscing on the weekend makes me wish I could go back... but I'm not done yet. Third and final part of The Hundred Event coming at you all soon!


Kendall Rose