Monday, August 25, 2014

The Hundred Event >>> Part Three

We've finally come to the end of The Hundred. Sad day. This was one of those moments when everything had just gone so right there was no possible way it could get any better, but it did.

If you're behind you can read about day one here and day two here.

We started our Sunday morning off with brunch at the Aldredge house. It was so strange to me because the house was in the middle of a neighborhood (where else would a house be, I know) but seeing that it is a historical house that people rent for events I thought it was kind of a strange location... Like here I am going to this brunch in heels and I look across the street at these kids riding their bikes and people tending their gardens. Okay, okay- enough about that- now on to the weekend!

The brunch was everything I could ever hope for. And more. The room was decorated so beautifully with flowers and confetti and balloons. And the tables were all perfectly set with kitchenware courtesy  of Birch and Brass rentals. The brunch was basically how I envision all of my parties turning out to be, but the ever disappearing college budget just does not suffice.  We ate quiche and cake and socialized one last time as everyone tried to forget that this blissful weekend was coming to an end.

But the weekend just wasn't complete until Oprah paid us a visit! Okay, so maybe not Oprah, but Joules gave us all wellies (rain boots for those in the US) which is pretty much the same thing. And for one last surprise we were all gifted an item from one of the wonderful and ever-so-gracious sponsors of the weekend. I got a Maison Miru necklace that is to die for. And just as I was walking our Lauren Knight from Aspiring Kennedy commented on the necklace and informed me that she has one too, so in other words we are officially best friends.

The weekend was so wonderful and I am so sad that it is over. I want to thank all the sponsors and everyone involved in making this weekend what it was. And more thank yous to Lauren, BridgetMegan, and Grace for hosting the weekend. Y'all did a tremendous job and I can't wait to see what you have up your sleeves for next year.

And just when I started to slip into a post-conference depression, the weekend of all weekends still had more to come. A post about this surprise will be coming soon!


Kendall Rose

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