Sunday, August 3, 2014

Link Party

Calling all bloggers~

I am totally a complete airhead and forgot to mention that I am hosting a linky party with my sweet friend, Kels, from The Blonder Side of Life.

If you don't know what a link party is, I'm here to tell you! 

A link-up allows bloggers to share something about themselves on a communal post so they  can meet, share, and get to know other bloggers and readers. Link parties are a great way to grow your audience, meet new bloggers, and most importantly bring bloggers together! Because really we're all here to support each other right?

The link-up is held on the first Monday of every month (also known as tomorrow) and this month is all about bragging rights! The link-up with open tomorrow morning and stay open all week long. 

Make sure to link-up and share your post highlighting something you're great at! 

I can't wait to see what everyone has!


Kendall Rose

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