Monday, August 4, 2014

Secret Bloggers Club: All Things Braggy

Hello hello!

Today we're talking about bragging rights. We all secretly pride ourselves for being awesome, so here's the time to share. What better way to start the morning off than with a little bit of self-promoting. Get ready to hear just how fabulous I am. 

>>> I'm pretty great at starting books, not so wonderful at always finishing them. This summer I have started 8 books, finished one, and plan on starting two more before summer is over.. You do the math. 

>>> I am a self-proclaimed comedian. I am clever, witty, superb at imitating voices, and in fact I have been told I am the next Jimmy Fallon. Okay, so maybe I was the one who said that... but one can dream. 

>>> I practically transform into a garbage disposal at the sight of chips and queso. I could be on the longest healthy eating streak of my life and full off of egg whites and protein powder, but there's chips and queso you say? Maybe I'll have just oneeeee bite.

>>> I quote Arrested Development and The Office in my everyday life like nobody's business. If you're ever walking around the mall and think you hear Tobias F√ľnke talking about how he just blue himself, it's probably just little ol' me trying to get a laugh. 

>>> I once snuck a friend inside my house after my parents told me she couldn't sleep over. I had to distract them while she crept up the stairs and she had to hide in my closet for the majority of the night so we couldn't get caught- but it was worth it. 

Now that you've all been well informed on just how cool I am, it's time to dish about yourself!

Link-up below highlighting something you're awesome at!


Kendall Rose


  1. I'm also pretty awesome at starting books and not finishing them. I'll carry an armload out of the library and finish maybe one or two before they're due back. I think it's because I get overwhelmed at the sheer number of books that are out there that I want to read! :)

    1. Dana, I understand! I love reading so when people start giving me suggestions I almost immediately go out and buy them, and then four chapters in I've heard of another great book I want. It's a vicious cycle!:)

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    1. Wow- this is great! I would love to be join myTaste. Thank you for reading!

  3. I love Arrested Development and pretty much throw around the terms never-nude and Mr. F. I have to say I was horribly disappointed in the new season that came out on Netflix. Not nearly as good as the original series. I'm glad I'm not alone in starting books but never finishing them. Unless I'm on a beach or on vacation, there's only a 50% I'll actually finish the book or finish it in a normal amount of time.

    1. I agree Ursula! I was super excited for the new season and it just wasn't what I hoping for. At least we have the old seasons to go back to! You're not alone! There just isn't enough time in the day to set aside for reading.