Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Year of Me

So my New Years Resolution hasn't proved to be as much fun as I was hoping. The Year of Me, as I'm calling it,  is all about me revamping my life. So far that has consisted of cleaning and cooking.. which isn't the most exciting thing but you have to start somewhere I guess. 

One thing that I am trying to be better at is cooking and trying to make the foods I have always wanted to make. So I started off easy and made home-made Cheese-Its, and I almost failed. 

The recipe calls for a paddle attachment from a kitchen-aide, which I don't have, to mix everything together. I thought wouldn't be a big deal… well it apparently is. The ingredients weren't sticking together at all.. but after I tweaked a few things I finally got it to work.. well kind of! 

                                             //They tasted just like real Cheese-Its//
                                                     //You can find the recipe here//

I hope you all have better luck than I did!


Kendall Rose


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  2. I'm trying to be more adventerous as a cook as well. The past two meals have been edible but not winners. Tonight's ribs were an absolute FAIL - and I'd been looking forward to them all day. Plan B is a chili-mac so hopefully I won't end up having to order out! Good luck with your next attempt!